The Seven Chakras and What They Mean

Behavior and actions are dictated by the seven chakras and balancing all of them can help you attain eternal bliss.

Life’s progress is often dictated by accomplishment of our varied needs and the desire for perfection never vanishes. The fulfillment of needs and further growth is also believed to be dictated by the seven chakras which run along the spine of your body.

Chakra, a word derived from ancient Sanskrit language, means wheel or disc and it is believed we have seven chakras or hierarchical energy centers with each one of them relating to one of our fundamental emotional and psychological needs. The chakras also control our activities and behavior and it is believed that working on them through meditation or attitudinal changes can help accomplish what we want.

The root chakra

The basic chakra called the root chakra is located at the perineum, between the anus and the genitals, and deals with our fundamental need for security and stability. Due to uncertain nature of this world, we all pine for security. This is why even an agitated baby gets calm when the mother is around. The insecurity can be about finances, profession or relationships and attaining stability by balancing this chakra can lead to a successful life. You are able to stand against all odds without any fear.

The pleasure chakra

Moving further up, we meet the second chakra located at the genitals controlling our sexual and other worldly desires. An imbalance is often noticed in this chakra because most of us either over indulge or abstain from fulfilling our sexual needs. Maintaining a balance here is a tricky issue but once achieved, it helps fulfill your needs without getting addicted to the objects of desire. The harmony is also reflected in other aspects of your life.
The power chakra

The next chakra you encounter on the way up is positioned in the belly and indicates power. The chakra can help you achieve great things but when imbalanced it can lead to frustration with the person deviating either towards domination at one end or low confidence on the other. Giving away your desire to control others and also setting yourself free from dominance of others can help achieve self-sustenance which is the greatest power.

The heart chakra

After attaining power, the next need to fulfill is to spread love and feel loved. Located at the heart, this chakra is about moving from the self to others. While power chakra requires independence, heart chakra talks about giving and receiving love.  Your likes and dislikes are dictated by this chakra and its imbalance can lead to hatred and rudeness.
The throat chakra

The need to communicate with others guides the next chakra which is why it is located at the throat. Clear and non-reactive communication is needed to keep this chakra in harmony unless it leads to misunderstandings and problems in relationships. This chakra is also dictated by your ability to listen and state your opinions without hurting others. Imbalance leads to people succumbing either to agitated speech or timidity.

The third eye chakra

Located in between the two eyebrows, the third eye chakra depicts higher intelligence and helps see things in a clear light to develop right perceptions. Mastering this chakra can lead to a gifted intellect and a pleasant life becomes a norm. The actions go beyond emotional and impulsive decision making thus resulting in a virtuous existence.

The crown chakra
As the name suggests, this chakra is located on the head and is last of the seven chakras. While the base chakra lays a strong foundation, crown chakra dictates the direction and guidance of your life. It indicates spiritual growth and when balanced helps you get past the ego and other limiting beliefs. Unconditional love and perpetual peace are the indications of enlightenment. There is no personal need to fulfill here since you get to know the secret of existence and your role in this transitory world.[ad#afterpost]