Symptoms of a Strawberry Allergy

In this article you will learn the signs of strawberry allergy, what is in strawberry that causes allergy, the tests for strawberry allergy, and how to manage strawberry allergy.

What Are The Symptoms of Strawberry Allergy?

Starwberry, Image from Wikimedia CommonsThe symptoms for strawberry allergy occur after exposure to strawberry fruit and strawberry products (e.g. strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, etc.). Strawberry allergy symptoms differ from person to person but the common symptoms are the following:

• Your eyes become watery.
• You are vomiting.
• You have diarrhea.
• You have hives.
• Rashes are appearing at your skin.
• You feel itchy.
• You have trouble breathing.
• There is swelling in your tongue, mouth, and/or throat.

[ad#co-1]If a person are showing this symptoms, he or she should be given immediate medical attention because a severe allergic reaction called anaphylactic shock may occur. Anaphylactic shock is fatal.
Take note that latex allergy symptoms are similar to the symptoms of peanut, hair dye, mold, and sulfite allergies.

What is in strawberry that causes allergy?

The strawberry is made up of different proteins and some of these proteins act as allergens or substances that can trigger allergic reaction to an individual. The protein allergen from the strawberry is recognized by the body as foreign and can be dangerous to the body so the human immune system reacts by releasing histamine- the one that initiates allergic responses such as blood vessel dilation(causes the swelling), fluid secretion (in the eyes and the lungs), muscle spasm, etc.

A group of researches from the University of Lund, Sweden have identified a particular protein from the strawberry which they thought is the culprit why strawberry causes allergy. They said that the protein is among the proteins that give the strawberry its red color. They added that the protein allergen is not found in the white variety strawberry. The allergen has also some similarities with the birch pollen- another allergen that can trigger allergic reactions. People who are allergic to birch pollen can be allergic to strawberry but not vice versa.

What is the test for strawberry allergy?

You may get the service of a professional allergist to test you for strawberry allergy. The allergist will perform the skin test on you. In this test, he will scratch a needle with the allergen (substance from strawberry) in a small portion of your skin. If after few minutes, a small bump appear in the portion of your skin where the needle was scratched then you may be allergic to strawberry.

How to manage strawberry allergy?

The best way to manage strawberry allergy is by avoiding eating strawberry fruits. You should not also eat processed strawberry products (e.g. strawberry flavored foods, beverages, jams, etc) because the allergen is still present in these foods. Always read the labels of food products before consuming them because they may contain strawberry. Try the white variety of strawberry; it doesn’t contain the allergen but its taste is somewhat different to the red variety.


The content in this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking any action suggested on this page.