Quietus for Tinnitus Review – Is Quietus Really Effective?

You probably heard of Quietus in radio or TV advertisements. Well Quietus is advertised as “newly discovered” homeopathic medication consisting of tablets and eardrops claiming to provide relief from tinnitus – the ringing, humming, buzzing, and roaring sounds in the ears. Homeopathy is defined as the complementary disease treatment system in which a patient is given minute doses of natural substances that in larger doses would produce symptoms of the disease itself. From the definition of homeopathy, we can say that Quietus tablets and eardrops contain minute doses or very small amount of substance whatever it is to treat tinnitus. This new medication, if effective, can make millions of tinnitus patients smile. The maker of Quietus claims that the medication is a safe alternative to conventional treatments and that it can cure tinnitus by using the body’s own natural healing system. The big question now: Is Quietus really effective?

Quietus was developed by a rock drummer to treat his own tinnitus which he got from years of unprotected exposure to loud noise. When he found it effective, he marketed it. The homeopathic treatment is called as the Quietus Silent Ear Tinnitus Ringing System. The complete system package includes 60 tablets and .5 oz ear drops which anyone with credit card can purchase through their website or through phone. The price is about 100 USD. The marketer provides 30 day trial with money-back guarantee. As of the time this article is written, thousands have probably tried Quietus tinnitus. Below are brief reviews of tinnitus patients who have tried Quietus. Reviews were quoted from http://www.curefortinnitusreview.com.

A man said: “I suffer from Tinnitus. All from the American Medical Association to my Doctor to the Audio Engineering Society all say the same thing. “Tinnitus is stable nerve hurt. there is no cure”..but like a fool I tried it. Doesn’t work.” I personally believe that nerve hurt is a cause of tinnitus. I was a patient of tinnitus before and the eardrop that my doctor prescribed me did not work but instead worsened my tinnitus. I waited for weeks without treatment and thanks God my ear went back to normal again. It was a huge relief for me because tinnitus is really irritating.

Another user named J. Douglas Levens, from Ohio said: “I tried this manufactured goods for 50 days and have seen (heard) no difference. It didn’t work for me. Looks like another way to make money off of people with a problem.” From this statement, J. D. Levens is accusing Quietus manufacturer for selling a product that don’t actually work and using tinnitus patients to make cash. Well, how many homeopathic products have been reported scams? Hmmmmmm……

With regards to the ingredients of Quietus, Dr. Michael Johnson of MJ’s Human Biology Blog was told by a company representative via phone that Quietus is made up of quinine sulfate, salicylates (aspirin), and several other ingredients. According to Dr. Johnson, quinine sulfate has already been banned by the FDA in 2006 except for products in the treatment of malaria. Quinine sulfate is banned because it has possible toxic effects to the body which include cardiac arrhythmia, disorientations, and allergic reactions.

The problem with homeopathic remedies like Quietus is that they can stay on the market until they are proven unsafe. The manufacturers do not need to prove that their products are safe before selling them; they just wait and see what happens to the users. Hopefully Quietus will not do harm to tinnitus patients.

It’s up to you whether you will try Quietus or not but before using it, ask your doctor’s advice first. If you have already used Quietus, please share your experience with the medication by commenting below.