Natural Cures For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Home remedies can be very effective in dealing with excessive blood loss during menses.

Sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkin (Wikimedia Image)

Though it’s a biological process representing reproductive years of a woman’s life, society has always looked down upon menstrual periods. In fact, in many cultures women undergoing menses are not allowed inside religious places or near cooking areas because they are termed to be unclean.

Women also dread their periods because of extensive mood swings, stomach aches, weakness and sometimes heavy bleeding. In fact, heavy bleeding hassles certain women so much that they feel extreme discomfort and weakness due to loss of blood. Heavy periods can give rise to various complications which if not treated instantly can turn disastrous.

Young girls who have not started ovulating properly or pre-menopausal women are the two groups at maximum risk of heavy bleeding but any woman of child-bearing age can be susceptible to it. Overweight women, those on blood thinners and those with certain hereditary disorders are mostly likely to experience heavy bleeding.

Every woman undergoes a menstrual flow once in 20 to 30 days for a period of four days losing 30-40 ml of blood. However, for women prone to heavy bleeding the period may run up to a week which means prolonged blood loss of around 80 ml.

In fact, sometimes bleeding is so excessive that they have to change the sanitary napkins every two hours. Fortunately, there are natural cures for heavy menstrual bleeding which can help you evade the monthly hardship.

Set your diet right

Before you go further, get your food plate in right order. It is believed that due to high amount of toxicity in the body, women suffer from heavy bleeding during periods.

Have a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals to detox the body. Avoid sugar, saturated fat, packaged or tinned food and refined cereals besides strong spices.

Controlling blood flow

Banana flower is one of the best natural cures for heavy menstrual bleeding. The flower can be cooked and consumed with one cup of curd to perk up the amount of female hormone progesterone which helps check bleeding. Coriander seeds boiled in half a liter of water and little sugar can also treat excessive menstruation. Juice of fresh mango bark given with white of an egg and small amount of kernel of a poppy is an effective cure against heavy blood loss.

Bark of Ashoka tree boiled in milk and water can be another treatment for this condition. Around 90 g of the tree bark is boiled with 30 ml milk and 360 ml water and the mixture is given in two to three doses within 24 hours. The mixture can be given daily from fourth day of the period.

The herb rough chaff has also found to be good in case of heavy bleeding. Around 15 g of rough chaff can be mixed in 250 ml of water to be taken for this condition.

Other treatments

Parsley juice is well known as one of the best natural remedy against disorders related to menses. Containing apiol, an ingredient of female hormone estrogen, parsley helps in regularization of periods. The effect of parsley can be noticed as cramps due to irregular periods are relieved. Ginger is another good remedy to deal with irregular periods. Minced ginger can be boiled in a cup of water to form a mixture to be taken after meals.

Sesame seeds can also be an effective cure. Taken with hot water, half a teaspoon of sesame seeds powder can lessen pain and when taken two prior to periods, it can help deal with insufficient menstruation.  Unripe papaya also helps in the same manner by contracting muscles of the uterus.[ad#afterpost]