How to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds?

A person who wants to lose weight finds it hard to fight hunger – the main enemy of people who want to trim down extra body fat. The strategy of losing weight by limiting the frequency of eating (say 2 times a day instead of 6) is pretty hard when your stomach is growling and the brain is constantly telling you that it’s time to eat even if you don’t want yet. When you’re hungry, you began to crave for certain foods, and it’s very hard for you to resist the feeling until you give in. And when you give in, you tend to overeat forgetting your initial plan to lose weight. Very disappointing, isn’t it? Here is a good question to ask: wouldn’t be great to be able to stop hunger at will, whenever it happened? The answer is YES with chia seeds. Eating chia seeds is an easy, cheap, and safe way to lose weight. So how to lose weight with chia seeds? Read the information below to find out.


Chia seeds keep you feel full

Eating chia seeds help you lose weight by keeping you feel full which suppresses your appetite. When chia seed is exposed to water (hydrated), its size increases ten times its original size. It grew that size because the soluble fibers (too small to see with the naked eye) outside the chia seed have trapped or absorbed water. Hydrated chia seeds look like colloids or watery, gelatinous, glue-like substances. A teaspoon of chia seeds can make a bowl of gelatinous chia seeds. Your stomach will treat it as a big meal (you feel full as a result) even if it is only composed of a teaspoon chia seeds and lots of water. The gelatinous seeds also slow down the digestive process, so you will feel full for longer hours. Now, compare a bowl of hydrated chia seeds with that a bowl of rice or pasta, what will make you gain weight and what will help you lose weight?………….. Exactly!

Therefore, instead of eating foods high in calories when you feel hunger, eat chia seeds. You can also mix chia seeds with your favorite juice drink, yogurt, cereals, and the like. Chia seeds will not affect the flavor of these foods because chia seeds are generally flavorless. Chia seeds do not also dilute food flavor but instead distribute it.

Chia seeds improve digestion – an important part of weight loss

Besides from soluble fibers, chia seeds also contain insoluble fibers that are made up of cellulose which humans cannot digest. Like the soluble fibers which absorb water, insoluble fibers in the stomach also give you the feeling of being full so your appetite is suppressed. Insoluble fibers improve digestion by acting as roughage, keeping digested food moving along smoothly.

Chia seeds curb food craving by supplying your body with minerals.

When your body is deficient with a particular mineral, calcium for example, your brain reacts by inducing you to crave for cheese, milk, ice cream, or any food rich in calcium. Eating these foods rich in fats and carbohydrates will drive up your calorie count resulting to weight gain. Chia seeds contain adequate amount of minerals to fight deficiency conditions leading to food craving. The minerals found in chia seeds include calcium, potassium, boron, magnesium, iron and the like.

Chia seeds simply have omega-3 fatty acid.

Like flax and sesame seeds, chia seeds contain adequate amount of healthy oils like omega-3 fatty acid, the type of fatty acid that promotes the health of the cardiovascular system. Omega-3 has the ability to lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Bad cholesterols are deposited in the inner linings of the arteries creating plaques that could obstruct blood flow resulting to heart attack and stroke.


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