Health Benefits of Taking Acai?

Acai (Euterpe oleracea) is a species of palm tree found in Central and SouthAmerica. It is widely cultivated for its edible fruits commonly called acai berries. The fruit has a similar appearance to grapes (Vitis sp.) but with less pulp. Acai berries are widely eaten by South American natives. The natives consider the acai berries as a major component of their diet. In Brazil, acai is a popular flavoring for beverages and ice cream. Some western countries are also starting to use acai as flavoring for various foods mainly for the health benefits that the fruit provide. Marketers are also selling acai food supplements because acai has been found to contain important minerals and substances that have health benefits to humans.

Acai berries

Note: Some of the acai health benefits that acai marketers claim do not have scientific proofs; these claims are misleading and exaggerated.

Health Benefits of Taking Acai

[ad#co-1]Acai contains powerful antioxidants: flavonoids and anthocyanins. These antioxidants are responsible for the purple coloration of the acai berries just like grapes. Antioxidants in acai help our body get rid off free radicals that can damage our cells. Free radicals are by-products of biochemical reactions taking place in our cells. In other words, they are the cell’s waste and should be eliminated before they cause cellular damage. If they are not eliminated, cell abnormalities that could lead to various diseases (e.g. cancer) would occur.

You might have read more acai health benefits in other websites but these health benefits are not yet proven scientifically. The antioxidant effect of acai is still the best health benefit that you can get from consuming acai products. Other acai health benefits were just presented by acai marketers to boost their sales.

Acai Controversy: Take Note of Acai Scams

There are claims saying acai has weight-loss effects. After Oprah Winfrey featured a segment on the Acai Berry, her name was used in an endorsement for supplements, resulting in a lawsuit. Consumers have reported scams involving trial offers for the acai supplements with refunds for canceled and returned products not being processed. Buyers should be cautious and read all details before agreeing to trial offers.


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