Health Benefits of Silica Supplements

Sand dune

Silica is abundant in sand dunes (Wikimedia Image)

Silicon is known to be the most abundant element present on Earth’s crust. It is found all around us, from the chips powering the gadget we’re using to read this, to that tiny packet that keeps candies dry, to the implants used to augment breasts. Silicon combined with oxygen, another element you really should be familiar with, forms silica.

Silica can be obtained from a wide variety of food. Among the most common sources of silica are brown rice, oats, and green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, parsley, celery and lettuce. Apples, carrots, and almonds are also good providers of silica to our body. Garnishing with onions and cucumbers would add silica to any dish we prepare and eat. Adding honey to our milk and pancakes would give us adequate amount of silica. Being aware of these sources of silica is a positive step but there may be cases where these foods are unavailable or you cannot consume enough of them. Thus, to ensure that you avail yourself of the health benefits of silica, supplements are necessary.

Among the health benefits of silica supplements is the strengthening of our body’s connective tissues. Silica together with calcium is necessary to hold our whole skeletal system intact. Silica is a prime component of prolylhydrolase, a necessary enzyme in the production of collagen and calglycosaminoglyns which form our body’s connective tissues and parts of our bones, nails, hair and skin. Thus, sufficient intake of silica invigorates our skin and adds luster to our hair and strength and density to our nails and bones. Insufficient silica would weaken our nails, making them susceptible to cracks and discoloration. Not enough silica in our hair would make them appear dull, and allow them to be easily damaged by the elements. Lack of silica would lead to bone deformities and conditions like rheumatism and osteoporosis especially to aged people. Silica is as important as calcium in alleviating osteoporosis by aiding substantially in the bones’ repair mechanism, depositing leached or lost minerals back into the bone and augmenting the healing of cracks and brittle spots. It also reduces the sharp pain osteoporosis sufferers usually feel.

The cardiovascular and respiratory systems bring life to our bodies. Silica supplements can help us take care of these systems. Lung damage, particularly in smokers is a very serious condition. The use of silica supplements can help alleviate this problem by helping in the repair of lung tissues.  Silica supplements improve our cardiovascular system by preventing wear and tear of blood vessels and strengthening the cardiac muscles in our heart.

The wonders of silica should be for everyone to enjoy and with silica supplements, they can now be made available to more people.  Healthy skin, lustrous hair, strong bones and nails are among the health benefits of silica supplements. Hormonal balance coupled with the opportunity to bolster our lungs and heart while alleviating the pain of rheumatism are other positive aspects of taking silica supplements. Take the first step towards a healthier life and take the opportunity to experience the health benefits of silica supplements.[ad#afterpost]


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