Bottlenose Dolphin FAQ

What is Bottlenose Dolphin?

Bottlenose dolphin (scientific name: Tursiops sp.) is a marine mammal belonging to the family of oceanic dolphins (Delphinidae).

Scientific Classification of Bottlenose Dolphin

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Family: Delphinidae
Genus Tursiops

Where do bottlenose dolphins live?

Bottlenose dolphins live in temperate and tropical waters worldwide. They are commonly seen in bays, harbors, lagoons, river mouths, and estuaries. (Source)

Map of where bottlenose dolphins live?

Click this to view the map where bottlenose live.

What does bottlenose dolphin looks like?

• Has a flat tail
• Has nostrils on the top of their head
• Has a gray to dark gray coloration at the top near its dorsal fin
• Has a white coloration at its underside
• Has a pinkish gray belly
• Has an elongated and lower jaws called the rostrum (snout) (where the name “bottlenose” was derived
• Adults are 2-4 m in length and 150-650 kg in weight
• Males are larger than females

What do bottlenose dolphins eat?

Bottlenose dolphins feed on different marine animals such as smaller fishes, squids, crustaceans, and among others. They hunt their food individually or they can coordinate to each other as a group to catch their food. (Source)

Are bottlenose dolphins endangered?

No, bottlenose dolphins are not “yet” endangered. However, in some places bottlenose dolphin population is depleting rapidly due to human activities. Their number is decreasing rapidly because people are hunting them for their meat. They are also killed so that they will not compete for fish (their main food) with man. Dolphins are poisoned by man-made chemical like perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS); this chemical compromises the immune system of the dolphin. (Source) Other heavy metal compounds like cadmium and mercury are toxic to bottlenose dolphins at certain concentration. (Source)
Why are bottlenose dolphins becoming endangered?

Although the population of bottlenose dolphins is still normal, they can be in the endangered list in the future if humans continue doing things that are harmful to the bottlenose dolphins.

How long do bottlenose dolphins live?

Bottlenose dolphins can live up to a maximum of 40-50 years. However, life expectancy or the average age a dolphin can get is only between 10.3 and 14. (Source)

How to draw a bottlenose dolphin?

Want to learn how to draw bottlenose dolphin while learning about them?. Here is a site where you can read instructions on how to draw bottle nose dolphin.

Bottlenose Dolphin Video