Analyzing the Causes of High Triglycerides

On analyzing the causes of  high triglycerides in the body, there comes a list of junk foods and non-nutrient diet that covers most of the frequent eatables we get used to.

Some of the most common junks that contain high amount of triglycerides  include sweets, animal products, dairy products, fast foods, and other foods that are wholly out of diet but with yummy taste, leaving behind cravings for delicious junk foods.

The main causes of high triglycerides include:

  • Consumption of alcohol, sugary foodstuff, fatty eatables and many more
  • Intake of more caloric food than that you tend to burn on your normal activity
  • Uncontrolled or poorly cared diabetes
  • Obesity, kidney disorder, innate lipid disorder, and liver diseases
  • Certain medical treatments and intake of specific drugs such as birth control pills, cardiovascular drugs, steroids, diuretics, anti-psychotic drugs, beta-blockers, etc.
  • Family history of   high triglycerides or other linked problems such as hypothyroidism, diabetics, and other metabolic syndromes
  • Excess intake of junk foods that contains fatty substances

According to a national health care institution, it has been reported that the normal level of triglycerides that one must possess is set to be below 150mg/dl. Borderline high risk ranges from 150 to 199mg/dl while that of very high risk ranges from 200 to 499 mg/dl. Triglyceride level of 500 mg/L is considered extremely high for any individual.

High triglyceride is among the metabolic syndromes that could lead to more serious problems such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and other organ failures. Change in diet and intake of triglyceride-lowering medications are needed to prevent developing those serious problems.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and reducing consumption of  fatty foods are excellent ways in reducing the level of triglycerides in the body.[ad#afterpost]