What is the average bench press for a man?

Bench press

Bench press

Have you been wondering what the average bench press for a man is? Are you trying to set personal goals for your bench press? For those who have just begun pressing and weighting lifts and bodybuilders, they may have different answers. Of course it should vary, but as per Robert Kennedy, author of “Mass: New Scientific Body Secrets”, the average 175 pound man can bench 135 pounds. Additionally, this is an average which includes men from different fitness levels, including even those who do not work out at all.

Factors to Consider

Several sources say that an average man can practically bench his own weight.

  • One factor to consider is the body weight.  Some bodybuilding books shows charts basing the weight you should be lifting from your own body weight.
  • Another factor is the man’s age.  We have to accept the fact that normally, younger ones have more stamina than the older ones.
  • It also depends on someone’s experience, which is also another factor.  Bodybuilders and males who regularly workout could lift and bench press more pounds than those of the beginners or men who do not work out. And also, some men just have more muscle mass than others, allowing for more weight to be moved.
  • Most muscle mass and strength is achieved from late teens through late twenties, so as your age increases, your capacity to build and tone your muscle decreases.  And regardless of size and strength, genetics also is one of the factors to consider.
  • Good nutrition, proper diet and natural supplements can also be considered as one of the factors.

Tips To Increase Bench Pressing

Here are some tips on how to increase your bench pressing:

  • Work those triceps by doing close grip bench press and skull crushers exercises. You have to push yourself but carefully, meaning,  pushing yourself to the maximum without hurting yourself.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep between workouts because during quality sleep, your muscles repair themselves and grow.
  • Eat more – have a high protein diet to build more muscle and complex carbs, try eating up to seven times every day.

Yes, it is actually safe to say that the average bench press for a man is only 135 pounds, but do not forget that to achieve those lean and powerful muscles, you would have to assess yourself with all the factors mentioned above for you to know what should be the right weight for you to start with. Bodybuilding and workout books use different charts and knowing this; you might want to do a little research to know which will suit you better.