Weird Allergies: Allergy to Sweat and Exercise

In the previous article, we learned about two weird allergies: semen and sun allergy. Now, we will discuss another two bizarre allergies: allergy to sweat and exercise. Let us start with sweat allergy.

Sweat Allergy

Facial sweat (Wikimedia Image)Sweating, especially during exercise, is said to be beneficial to our health because toxins, excess oil, and other waste products from the skin are released. Sweating is also a feedback mechanism of our body to cool itself when its temperature increases from the normal level. But there are people who simply cannot appreciate sweat because soon after it is released they get itchy rashes, tingling or burning sensation that can occur anywhere on their body. These symptoms that occur after sweating indicate sweat allergy or medically known as cholinergic urticaria.

Exercise, hot bath, nervousness, stress, fever, eating spicy food, and anything that trigger sweating can cause the symptoms of sweat allergy to appear. The usual area in the body where symptoms occur is the trunk.

People with sweat allergy are more likely to have eczema or asthma and are between the ages of 10 to 30.

The symptoms of sweat allergy can be controlled using medications. There are instances wherein the condition becomes less severe or disappear after few years.

Exercise Allergy

Soldier_running_in_water (Wikimedia Image)Exercise is said be beneficial to anyone’s health and well-being but not to a person who is allergic to it. Instead of improving strength, blood circulation, and stamina, exercise causes tiredness, feeling warm, swelling, dizziness, wheezing, drop in blood pressure, redness, and even life-threatening anaphylaxis to a person allergic to it. Typical exercise like swimming, jogging, or walking causes the appearance of symptoms.

Like sun allergy, the cause of exercise allergy is unknown but it is thought that exercise reacts with certain foods such as nuts, alcohol, cereals, and seafood to cause allergy. But there are cases in which exercise alone is enough to cause the symptoms to occur.

Since anaphylaxis is life-threatening, people with exercise-induced anaphylaxis but want to exercise are advised to exercise with a companion, carry emergency medication, and stop as soon as any symptoms appear.

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