How Healthy Can Kimchi Be?

Have you been wondering what kimchi is? Kimchi is a spicy fermented cabbage and a tasty complement to Korean dishes. Commonly contained in jars, it has a conspicuous aroma and a sour-spicy taste.  Oh well, it may seem to have this pungent smell but do not let that push you back. Why? You got to read on to find out the answers…

Where It Is Made From?

Kimchi is made from the combination of garlic, scallions, vegetables, vinegar, oil and salt. All these make it an au naturel condiment. While Koreans do consume small amounts of protein especially meat and seafood, nonetheless, their intake of fermented Kimchi is what makes their diet so out of the ordinary. There is very little fat found in Korean dishes, because the meat does not dominate the meal at all.

What We Get Out Of Eating Kim Chi?

Scientists conducted a number of studies that show how this Korean food can increase metabolism and prevent obesity and possess numerous health benefits. Therefore, what the Koreans claim about this food to contain many therapeutic elements has just been justified. Conversely, we are now at the focal point of this article, the reasons why you should not underrate kimchi are because:

    • Garlic, garlic and garlic! The garlic we find in kimchi is a powerful antioxidants that purge your body from free radicals that cause harmful diseases like cancer.  When garlic is crushed, two enzymes work in a tandem to produce the powerful substance called allicin. Allicin is responsible for bringing down cholesterol and triglyceride levels. With kimchi having massive amounts of fresh garlic, eating this certainly helps you reduce your bad cholesterol level. The scallions included in kimchi have the same effect on cholesterol levels as well. Furthermore, garlic is the best known natural source of selenium, a key ingredient that helps our skin and hair healthy. On top of that, it restores Vitamin C, the body’s most important antioxidant. The blend of garlic and vegetables in kimchi keeps us healthy and energetic.
  • The cabbage in kimchi is popularly hailed for curing ulcers, since it helps in nurturing the beneficial bacteria and inhibit the bad ones. Good bacteria are needed for proper digestion and healthy digestive system.
  • Studies have shown that kimchi can shorten the duration of a cold. Moreover, there have been subsequent studies that show how kimchi can be helpful in clearing up yeast infections and urinary tract infections. By incorporating kimchi in your diet, you surely get both a protective and healing effects all in the same package. What a solace!

Pairing kimchi as a side dish with meat, eating it with rice or stewing it could never be even better. There are many recipes sold in many places to make your own kimchi. You can also choose to just pick it up in the chilled section of your grocery store or Asian markets; that is how they call it convenience food.  So do not forget to include kimchi in your next meal; you might just love it![ad#afterpost]

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