Health Benefits of Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass Juicing

Wheat Grass Juicing

The health benefits we obtain from wheat grass are traced from its complementary nutrition down to its extensively useful therapeutic properties. Most of us are aware how useful wheatgrass is, but only a very few know the real reasons why!

As you go further along, you’ll be amazed with how wheat grass does wonders to our body:

  • Chlorophyll, that green pigment you find on wheat grass leaves, acts as a powerful antiseptic and antioxidant. It purges your body from harmful toxins that could make you susceptible to debilitating diseases. It cleanses your lymphatic system and cells from toxic metals.
  • Wheat grass is embedded with naturally occurring substances that have powerful effects on the body. It is packed with all the other elements that your body systems don’t have enough of. It has lots of vitamins (A, C, K, many others), minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, many more), enzymes and essential fatty acids that help in revitalizing your cells.
  • Wheat grass contains 17 amino acids, and contains zero fat. It has been proven to aid in effectively bringing down your weight by subduing your appetite, boosting metabolism, and improving blood circulation. So forget those phony diet pills. Go organic, instead.

Quick and Interesting Wheat grass Trivia:

  • A small regular shot of wheat grass is like consuming a regular serving of spinach.
  • Taking a single shot of wheat grass is like absorbing the nutrients of milk and bananas all in one teaspoon.
  • It shields you from carcinogens by providing an immunization effect
  • It can either be taken in capsules, tablets, and powder form, so it’s much easier for you to travel around with it anywhere.
  • It can be used on our skin to make it supple and toned.
  • The so-called “The Grass Juice Factor”, a miracle asset of wheat grass, helps it sustain the life in animals such as cows, mice and guinea pigs.
  • It delays the ageing process so you don’t need to worry about being in a geriatric center very soon!
  • It clears your eyesight and prevents you from getting those ugly dark circles around your eyes.
  • It can be applied on both our scalp and hair to maintain their health.

Dosage Recommendations:

As earlier mentioned, wheat grass comes in various forms as tablets, powder, and juice. A daily dosage of about 3.5 grams is highly recommended to achieve optimum health results.

Wheat Grass Detox Plan:

While it has been known that a shot or two of wheatgrass can supercharge your intake of vitamins and minerals, you might want to try adding one more shot in the morning and another one at night time, doubling it to 4 shots a day to optimize your detox program. Don’t worry, you won’t get overdosed. This is purely organic. It’s understandable that you’d get bothered by its taste the first time you take it. If you want to mask its flavor, you can try mixing it with other fruits and vegetables to achieve a palatable effect.

Wheat grass works as the best part of any detox plan, however, it shouldn’t be taken as a stand-alone item.  You can’t just solely depend on wheat grass to detox, there has to be a balanced approach. Wheat grass helps you achieve a desired detox effect by being incorporated in a plan rich in foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken.

Contrary to the belief that it can cause allergies, wheat grass doesn’t contain any gluten unlike the wheat berry. Therefore, it is very safe to take. Any shot of wheat grass gives you nothing but pure chlorophyll.

Truly, nature only offers nothing but the best things in their simplest forms. The health benefits of wheat grass are infinite that it’d take me the whole year to finish enumerating them. Wouldn’t be a shame not to put it in your family’s diet plan?