Great Exercises for a Pear-Shaped Body



What is the fuss about having a pear-shaped figure? Pear-shaped, as the word conveys, refers to having a symmetrically smaller upper torso and getting gradually packed towards reaching the lower part of the body and needing some more toning in the arms and shoulders. The focal point of slimming a pear-shaped body is to get rid of excess body fat around the lower torso. Contrary to what you might have presumed, no single exercise either on the butt or thighs will help you do this in a snap of the finger.

You must basically have to watch what you eat to reduce body fat on specific areas. Keeping an eye on what you eat, when to eat it and counting how many calories are needed to trim down your weight is understandably painstaking. The sheer number of diet books making dieting like a walk in the park is the blatant proof to that. What you need to realize is if you have been dying to be a toned and healthy person, you must carve yourself to be like one. The time and effort you exert in doing so will reward you for many years, and you can pass on the lessons you have learned to your children and loved ones.

Exercises for a pear-shaped body:

In order to shed off a lot of calories, the exercises needed to be done are widely known as compound exercises. Compound exercises involve more than one muscle group and make use of more than one joint. Some examples of compound exercises are:

  • Squats– This type of exercise is considered as the “grandpa” of all exercise.
  • Bench Presses– Bench press works primarily to build the chest and focuses on the development of the pectoral muscles and triceps.
  • Romanian dead lifts – This has been by far the most taken for granted yet effective exercise of all. Learning how to execute this type of exercise properly helps you reach your goal.
  • Hamstring Raises- The simplest and most humbling exercise has the goal of lowering your torso from vertical to horizontal by bending at the knees.
  • Shoulder Presses- This is an exercise also meant for a pear-shaped body that involves pressing weight from the shoulders until it is locked out overhead. Granting you do not want to put too much focus on the legs, what you can do to place some equilibrium on the look of your body is to perform some shoulder press.
  • Sit-ups- This exercise has been preferred to strengthen and tone the hip and abdominal area. 200 sit-ups a day can help you improve your core strength and physical fitness and of course, modify your pear-shaped figure.

Bottomline:One assumption most people fall on is getting a bunch of inner thigh exercises and outer thigh exercises will help slim down their legs. Wrong! The truth is no single exercise can bust fat build-up from any point on your body. You need to perform the right ones so you can achieve an optimum effect. Combined with a balanced diet, hard work and devotion will result in the desired fat loss.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to be able to come up with the perfect formula that suits you best. Bear in mind, getting an hour glass figure is merely an icing to the cake. You need not put up with the anxiety of having to live with all the dreaded diseases and awkwardness of picking an appropriate outfit anymore. It is all a matter of getting used to all these routines to be able to live a healthy lifestyle.