Drugs That Help Tinnitus

Anyone who has tinnitus is probably looking for an effective drug that would totally eliminate the ringing, roaring, hissing, whistling, chirping, screeching sound in the ear. People think tinnitus as a single disease so they look for a drug that would target it. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, there is still no drug proven to be effective in eradicating tinnitus. There are drugs, however, that can tone down the noises in the ear and give temporary relief to a person with tinnitus. These drugs target disorders in the body with tinnitus as a symptom. The problem is there are many possible causes of tinnitus in the body: ear damage, earwax blockage, otosclerosis, stress, depression, head or neck injuries, tumors, atherosclerosis, side effect of drugs, and the like. The patient should be checked to each of these conditions before he/she would be given a prescription. Note that taking a drug does not guarantee that it would rid off the irritating sounds that only you can hear. Below are the common drugs that help tinnitus. Do not take any of these drugs without first consulting your doctor.


-Medical professionals say that stress and depression could cause tinnitus so they prescribe patients with antidepressants which give their body relaxation to minimize the irritating sound. Tinnitus patients should take note that antidepressants have possible side effects to the body.


-Antihistamines help when tinnitus is caused by inflammation or swelling in the ear due to allergy.

Cardiovascular drugs

-Cardiovascular drugs can help if tinnitus is caused by disorders involving blood flow. High blood pressure is a condition associated to pulsatile tinnitus (pulse sound in the ear). Drugs that lower blood cholesterol can give temporary relief to tinnitus.


-Anticonvulsants are used if tinnitus is associated to epileptic seizures.

Intravenous Lidocaine

-This is used when tinnitus is associated to itching and inflammation.


-Antibiotics are prescribed if tinnitus is associated to ear infection. Beware that some antibiotics could actually cause tinnitus or worsen it.

Alternative medications for tinnitus

Homeopathic medications like Quietus are becoming popular now. Makers of homeopathic medications for tinnitus claim that their products are safe alternative to conventional treatments and that they can cure tinnitus by using the body’s own natural healing system. These medications work for some but not to others. There are still questions in the effectiveness and safeness of homeopathic medications to treat tinnitus.

There are lots of marketers today in the internet selling different products to cure tinnitus. They lure people to buy their products by showing a lot of good testimonials. The prices of their products are not cheap of course; Quietus for instance costs about 100 USD.

If you ever want to try alternative products for tinnitus that are offered in the internet, search for reviews of these products and find out if the marketers offer refund if their products don’t work to you.[ad#afterpost]