Chia Seed Allergy Symptoms: Chia Side Effects


Chia Seed Allergy Symptoms

Chia seeds, Salvia hispanica, Image from Wikimedia CommonsAlthough very rare, some people experience allergy to chia seeds. Chia seed contains proteins that act as allergens – substances that trigger allergic reactions. Our immune system mistakenly recognizes chia proteins as “foreign threats” so it releases antibodies (IgE) to fight these invaders. [ad#co-1]In the process, histamines are produced causing the appearance of allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, vomiting, hives, skin rashes, swelling of tongue, mouth & throat, breathing difficulty, and anaphylactic shock. If you are experiencing these symptoms after touching, smelling, or eating chia seeds, seek medical help immediately. Anaphylactic shock is a fatal symptom of allergies. It is characterized by decrease in lung function, blood pressure drop, severe rashes & swelling, and loss of consciousness. Without emergency help, anaphylactic shock can cause death.

People with chia seed allergy are likely to develop allergy with other edible seeds like mustard seeds. Perform skin test before using any edible seed product. Skin test is done by pricking or scratching a small portion of the skin and then putting a drop of seed extract into it. Positive result is the appearance of rash, hive, or swelling.

Unfortunately, people who are allergic to chia seeds will not enjoy the numerous health benefits of the seeds. Complete avoidance of chia seed products should be strictly observed by people who are allergic to chia.[ad#afterpost]

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