Why Do I Feel Tired After Eating?

For people with active lifestyles, food – aside from health supplements – gives them the right amount of energy to get them through the day. A typical person would start his or hers with light breakfast which is just enough to wake the senses and fuel the body for a busy morning. At noontime, he or she will eat again, this time to sustain energy until the day ends. However, other people, instead of feeling alert after a meal, feel sluggish and tired. Are you one of them?

While some believe that this is a normal reaction of the body during digestion, there are actually many possible reasons why you could get tired after eating. Each is dependent on several factors which could include pre-existing conditions in your body. Feeling tired after eating on few occasions is hardly alarming, but recurring symptoms is something you should look into. Learn the possible causes for this ironic body reaction from other people and find out which of these can you relate with most.

Suspect #1: Starchy Meals

Lisa, a 52-year old female, always feels sleepy after eating a starchy or sugary meal high in carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cookies, soda, and other sweets. Feeling alarmed, she sought the advice of a friend who told her that it was just natural reaction of the body especially after meal time, given her age. Was her friend correct?

True, feeling tired after sleeping is a natural reaction of the body – but not because of age. In Lisa’s case, this condition is brought upon by the orexin neuron – a neuron responsible for stimulating wakefulness and energy expenditure. Eating a high-carb meal increases a person’s blood sugar level, and when it does, the orexin neuron is inhibited from doing its job. Most likely, Lisa’s starchy meal triggered this reaction in her body, causing her to feel tired after eating.

Suspect # 2: Food intolerance or allergy

There are a lot of people whose body mechanism is not built to tolerate certain kinds of food, and Valerie is one them. A young adult, Val has suffered from food allergies since childhood. Some foods give her rashes, others chronic constipation, while most leave her feeling tired and cranky.

Food allergies and intolerances contribute to tiredness in a several ways. First, they can cause an irritation to the intestinal lining which could lead to malabsorption, called the leaky gut syndrome. Also, a person who has eaten a certain kind of food the body cannot process would unnecessarily place a burden on the digestive system. To cope with food intolerance and allergies, Valerie’s body would then use up most of her energy, leaving her bushed.

Suspect # 3: Liver Congestion

Kyle is a middle-aged man with an unhealthy lifestyle. He ate what he wanted, as much as he wanted. He thought it normal to feel tired after eating, but apparently it was already a symptom of what was about to come. His energy level fluctuated throughout the day, especially after breakfast and lunch. Then, he was diagnosed with liver congestion.
This is probably one of the most serious reasons why your energy level is unusually low after eating. If the liver becomes congested, the body’s fluids will be polluted and its toxin level will rise. To cope, your eliminative organs will have to work double time. This internal struggle to combat liver congestion left Kyle tired after every meal, a symptom which should not be ignored.

Each of us have different body reactions after eating; some may feel full of energy while others do not. To experience the former rather than the latter, preventive measures are called for. To avoid tiredness after eating, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle should be practiced at all times.

Adverse Effects of Artificial Food Coloring on Children

Have you noticed your kids losing their minds? Well I am not trying to suggest that you come from a family of the mentally deranged; but if you keep eating junk with all those artificial food coloring, you might be getting there!

Artificial food coloring agents or color additives, are substances that are put in food to offset color loss, have the correct natural color variation, improve the natural occurring colors or simply make the food more visually pleasing.  One thing you have to take note of, the different kinds of artificial food coloring you see in what you eat are NOT very colorful. These color additives have been regulated to ensure that they are safe for consumption. Having that said, many health professionals still believe that in whatever amount they come in, they still pose adverse effects, especially in children. Have you come across the phrase “sugar rush”? Whether you already have or you have not, this phrase describes a child’s behavior after consuming a large quantity of sweets. If you can see your children displaying out of control behavior, and bouncing off the walls, that is what is referred to as “sugar rush”.

The Side Effects of Artificial Food Coloring- No Joke

There has been no proof that artificial food coloring causes attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); nevertheless, a number of research has found a link color additives to hyperactivity in children.  So do not be surprised why are your kids are so revved up. You should know the answer to your question already. Although the existing research on these artificial food coloring is not that comprehensive, but it would still be better to avoid dyed foods and beverages from your diet. Many food selections contain artificial food coloring that can have the harmful effects on your children’s behavior like erratic impulse control, inability to focus and absorb,  and too elevated energy level.  Children are very vulnerable to the effects of dyed foods, especially those with ADHD and ADD. As per Dr. David Schad last 2004, “dyed foods will likely induce what he termed– neurobehavioral toxicity” which is responsible for behavioral problems. There is not a definite conclusion that food dyes definitely causes ADHD but many believe there is a link, especially for parents of children who have ADHD and other behavioral problems. Now, we would be able to say that “we are what we eat”.

It is high time, especially for parents, to ensure that they themselves and their children are eating the right food. You have to start turning away from food with artificial food coloring, fast food and processed food. Take time to cook for your children.  Home-cooked meals are always better. Aside from avoiding these foods, as much as we want to, we will not be able to eat according to the food guide. So it is very important to supplement our diet with good nutrition. Taking vitamins and good nutrition helps the body to ward off the impact of “junky” nutrition. We owe it to ourselves and especially our children, to eliminate as many artificial ingredients in our family’s diet and eat the most natural food possible and supplement with the right vitamins.[ad#afterpost]

List of Flowers You Can Eat and Their Health Benefits

Moringa oleifera flower

Moringa oleifera flower

Did you know that flowers are not just for beautifying your house and garnishing the food? To add icing to the cake, you can eat flowers as well. People can eat every part of many plants including the flower. Flowers are also used in juices, teas, stir-fry dishes, desserts and the like.

Adding flowers to your food can be a great way to add color and flavor.  Some are spicy, some are herbaceous, and some are floral and fragrant.  You will be surprised with the wide range of taste flowers can offer. The culinary use of edible flowers goes way back, thousands of years ago. These are Greeks, Romans and Chinese, whose cultures use flowers in their traditional cooking.   Most edible flowers are best eaten raw.  Now, before picking up flowers in your garden and add it your dish, just remember that: not every flower is edible and avoid flowers that have been sprayed with insecticides, fungicides and /or herbicides. You just do not want to ingest all those harmful chemicals, do you?

Interesting Facts About Flowers

Adding edible flowers to your diet can rejuvenate your health and palate. These flowers contain a variety of nutrients.  Few varieties of flowers are known to support emotional well-being along with health.  The valerian flowers help to heal anxiety and insomnia. They also aid to heal migraines and tension headaches. Chamomiles are known to calm stress and boost the resistance of the immune system. The rose waters help our liver and digestive function while cooling anger. Begonias provide support to liver health and they eliminate toxins from our body.  Chrysanthemums are well regarded as a great tonic for healing colds and fevers. Wait, it does not end here. There’s more!

List of Flowers You Can Eat and Snippets of Their Health Benefits

Here are some more recommended edible flowers and their health benefits:
Violets decorate a fresh, grass-like flavor to desserts and garnishes. These delicate flowers supply rutin which have been believed to strengthen capillary structure.

Lavenders soothe the nervous system. They can be relished in Herb de Provence spice blend, which exude a savory and complex flavor to soup and potatoes.

Borages are used as tea or ingredients in salads. These beautiful blue beauties have a resemblance of subtle cucumber taste, and are pretty useful in balancing the hormones and helping to fight upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and coughs.

Roses are abundant in antioxidants that aid in the prevention and combating cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Roses are classic flowers that come in a variety of colors wherein each has its own distinct bioactive pigments with white having the least. Roses are well-loved flowers of all time.

Nasturtiums, lemon gem marigolds, and calendula petals provide a bright flamboyant contrast in salads, thus projecting an earthy, peppery flavor. The orange pigment possesses the important anti-cancer compound lycopene while yellow varieties are rich in nutrient called lutein, which is known for protecting our eyesight.

One thing is for certain, growing such flowers you can eat can be an enjoyable indoor project, and at the same time another addition to a healthy diet which provides a bounty of beauty and healthy well-being.

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Tips on How to Boost Your Metabolism

If you are in the verge of giving up because you cannot seem to find the right way to boost your metabolism, just do not shut that door yet. Boosting one’s metabolism is understandably something many of us are trying so hard to do, but just seems so hard to achieve. The main factors that often affect a person’s metabolism include hormonal changes, diet, age, weight, genetics, and the amount of exercise a person does from day to day.

Boosting your metabolism holds the key to successfully losing weight. But how is it done in the first place?

Here are Useful Tips to Help You Boost Your Metabolism

Skipping of breakfast is not advised.

Whenever you do not eat breakfast, you tend to pace down your metabolism and force the body into “hoard mode”, your brain would send an impression that your whole body is starving because you are going a long period of time without food.

Gobble your food earlier in the day.

It is important to have your dinner as the lightest meal of your day. Some experts advise that you do not eat anything after 6-8 pm. This is because your body has more ability to burn what you eat when you are awake and mobile.

Starving Is a Big No-No!

Dropping your calorie intake to below a thousand calories a day will send signal to your body that you are in starvation mode. That said, starving yourself will majorly slow down your metabolism. It will only make you gain more weight.

Consume Small and Frequent Meals.

Eating smaller meals frequently regulates your blood sugar effectively and offers a steady source of energy to boost your metabolism. Instead of consuming three large meals in a day, it would be very wise to break those huge meals into 5 smaller ones (e.g. adding light snacks in between each main meal).

Swing It To The Left, Then To The Right!
Exercising as much and as often as you can is really a big factor in boosting your metabolism. If you do your exercises in the morning, you will most likely raise your metabolism all day long. You see, exercise serves a good purpose again and again. Any health regimen will never be complete without it.

Load Your Body With Lots of Water.

Always see to it that you drink plenty of water every day: You probably have heard this for the nth time now, but it has never been a cliche. Other than keeping you hydrated, drinking lots of water boosts your metabolism process. So never underestimate this tip!

Although it was stated earlier in this article that your metabolism is mainly dependent on several factors, the ultimate secret in boosting it is to actually acquire a sense of commitment to do so. That is right; there cannot be any more effective way than being dedicated to do it. And such does not mean you have to stress yourself over each little thing, what I meant when I said “commitment” was just actually ensuring you eat and exercise regularly.

Best Workout Music for the iPod

In order to keep yourself active and alert, you should put exercise among your top priorities. However, if you think working out is too much of a drudgery, and you dread the “torture chamber” scene in the gym, you would have to do something to motivate yourself.  It would be exciting to download and listen to some kick-ass tunes on your iPod to make the donkey work a whole lot of pleasure. You may tend to be a bit sluggish at start, but there’s nothing like listening to heart-racing themes to fire you up!

The Best Workout Songs of All Time

Looking for cool songs to reinvigorate your senses while working out? Listed below are some of the adrenaline-pumping songs many people just love to listen to:

  • Crazy in Love – Beyonce
  • Dont’cha – Pussycat Dolls
  • Feelin’ Alright – Joe Cocker
  • California Love – Tupac, Dr. Dre
  • Hung up – Madonna
  • Ay Chico – Pitbull
  • Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
  • Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim
  • “I Gotta Feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas
  • Stronger – Kanye West
  • Bad- Michael Jackson
  • Wonderful Person – Black Masses
  • “Say Hey (I Love You)” – Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • “Where are we Runnin?”-Lenny Kravitz
  • “Crash” -Gwen Stefani
  • “Savior”-Rise Against
  • “Hotel Room Service”- Pitbull
  • “Just Dance”-Lady Ga Ga

More Workout Songs For Your Ipod

Shed off those unwanted calories and have fun right at the same time. Here are a few of those songs women just love to groove to while hitting the gym:

  • Like It – Narcotic Thrust
  • Plastic Dreams – Jaydee
  • All-American Girl – Carrie Underwood
  • Happy Girl – Martina McBride
  • Royksopp – The Girl And The Robot
  • Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings
  • Come…(Into My Dream) – Foggy
  • Just a Girl – Ian Van Dahl
  • Til I Collapse – Eminem
  • Bawtidaba – Kid Rock

Some Mellow Workout Music

If you are the schmaltzy type, you might want to check out these song selections below. They are effective in soothing your senses while you are burning those fats.

  • What About Now –Daughtry
  • Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick
  • The Time of My Life-by David Cook
  • Light On-David Cook
  • Speed of Sound – Coldplay
  • Viva La Vida -Coldplay
  • Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis
  • I’m With You- Avril Lavigne
  • No Air- Jordin Sparks
  • Sway-Bic Runga
  • Kissing a Fool-George Michael
  • Breathe-Faith Hill
  • Foreplay-Boston
  • More Than a Feeling- Boston

This is the most useful tip: the more variety, the better it is for you. You will not get bored listening to the same music over and over again if you have a lot to choose from. You definitely have no more excuses to procrastinate exercising now. Now, you would rather prefer killing your time exercising than spending your whole day pigging out in the kitchen.[ad#afterpost]


What is the average bench press for a man?

Bench press

Bench press

Have you been wondering what the average bench press for a man is? Are you trying to set personal goals for your bench press? For those who have just begun pressing and weighting lifts and bodybuilders, they may have different answers. Of course it should vary, but as per Robert Kennedy, author of “Mass: New Scientific Body Secrets”, the average 175 pound man can bench 135 pounds. Additionally, this is an average which includes men from different fitness levels, including even those who do not work out at all.

Factors to Consider

Several sources say that an average man can practically bench his own weight.

  • One factor to consider is the body weight.  Some bodybuilding books shows charts basing the weight you should be lifting from your own body weight.
  • Another factor is the man’s age.  We have to accept the fact that normally, younger ones have more stamina than the older ones.
  • It also depends on someone’s experience, which is also another factor.  Bodybuilders and males who regularly workout could lift and bench press more pounds than those of the beginners or men who do not work out. And also, some men just have more muscle mass than others, allowing for more weight to be moved.
  • Most muscle mass and strength is achieved from late teens through late twenties, so as your age increases, your capacity to build and tone your muscle decreases.  And regardless of size and strength, genetics also is one of the factors to consider.
  • Good nutrition, proper diet and natural supplements can also be considered as one of the factors.

Tips To Increase Bench Pressing

Here are some tips on how to increase your bench pressing:

  • Work those triceps by doing close grip bench press and skull crushers exercises. You have to push yourself but carefully, meaning,  pushing yourself to the maximum without hurting yourself.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep between workouts because during quality sleep, your muscles repair themselves and grow.
  • Eat more – have a high protein diet to build more muscle and complex carbs, try eating up to seven times every day.

Yes, it is actually safe to say that the average bench press for a man is only 135 pounds, but do not forget that to achieve those lean and powerful muscles, you would have to assess yourself with all the factors mentioned above for you to know what should be the right weight for you to start with. Bodybuilding and workout books use different charts and knowing this; you might want to do a little research to know which will suit you better.


Top 5 Healthiest Types of Cooking Oil

Olive oil

Olive oil

Do you want to know one of the secrets to a healthy diet? Biologically, our body needs fat so it has its place in a healthy diet. When we hear fat, we assume that it is not healthy. I am afraid that what you have been hearing is just a plain stereotype. As a matter of fact, fat is one source of energy, and it also helps our body absorb certain vitamins like A, D, E and K.  Fat aids as well in our satisfaction with the food that we eat and is a key nutrient for proper growth and metabolic function.

Somehow, people always assume that if the food is cooked with oil, it is already unhealthy, and that the words diet or healthy or oil does not blend together. No! Our body needs fat, specifically “the good fat”.  The best source of this type of fats is the oil that we use for our diet, and there are plenty of them, but let us just point out the top 5 healthiest types of cooking oil.  There are a number of oils that contain lower amounts of saturated fats (which we need to avoid) and higher amounts of unsaturated fats, which our body needs.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the most known with the highest amount of unsaturated fats.  It is the most flavorful oil that we can use for home-cooked meals and is very high in heart-healthy antioxidants.

Canola Oil

Canola oil is high in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fats.  This oil is made from the crushed seeds of the canola plant and is the great source of the omega-6 fatty acid (helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease) and linoleic acid which our body is not capable to produce.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil from the name itself is made from peanuts (which is known for a number of benefits).  This oil is monounsaturated and is mild in flavor. Peanut oil is known to help people with health issues relating to trans fat and saturated fats.

Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is made from rice and is considered one of the world’s healthiest oils.  Some of this oil’s health benefits are lowering of cholesterol levels and fighting diseases.  This oil is extremely light and versatile.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil which is very popular in Asia comes in a variety of colors which is a result from the number of ways the seed is processed to make this oil.  Since it is packed with a great amount of vitamins and minerals, this oil is known to lower cholesterol level and lower the risks of heart diseases.

Now that you know that you can still use oil and be healthy, you can just choose one of the oils listed above to cook those healthy and nutritious foods.  Frying, although not recommended for your everyday diet plan, is not that bad as long as it is done in moderation.


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The Best Exercises for an Apple Body Shape

Large waist, big breasts, and a bulky midsection in symmetry to small backside, arms and legs: Does this description suit you? If so, then it looks like you are categorized as an apple-shaped figure. Do not worry, it does not imply that you are doomed to resemble an apple all throughout your life. You are just likely to carry unwanted pounds that you need to shed off.

Do not pull a long face. There are a lot of exercises for people with apple  body shape like you. Here they are:

Groove It!

Aerobics Exercises: Engaging in appropriate exercises is the most effective way to build some muscles and mold that apple body shape. Focus on aerobic training to burn fat especially on your midsection. With at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises daily, you can set a goal to lose those ugly spare tires on your waist. Plus, you can reduce your health risks by as much as 50 percent when performing aerobic exercises. Sweat it out, baby! While you will never be an hour glass figure, you can become a healthier apple by saying goodbye to your love handles forever!

Shape It Up!

Front Planks- Strengthen and condition your core muscles with abdominal exercises.

  • Start it by lying on your back with a mat on the floor. Put your palms down and position your hands forward. Place your elbows close to your sides right under your shoulders. Then, stretch your legs, grab your toes unto your shins and contract your core muscles.
  • Slowly lift your body off the mat, keep your midsection and legs stiff — your weight should rely on your arms and toes. Do not bend your lower back, raise your hips up nor bend your knees. Just keep your shoulders over your elbows and keep your palms faced down.
  • Breathe deeply and hold the position for five seconds or so. After that, gently lower your body on to the mat while ensuring your torso is stiff and your knees are extended.

Move That Body!

Crunches- Begin this apple shape busting exercise by resting on your back on a mat, bending your knees, and keeping your feet flat on the floor and positioning your heels 12 to 18 inches from your tailbone.

  • After that, you can place your hands at the back of your head, then keep your shoulder blades together and pull your elbows behind.
  • Exhale and contract your abdomen while flexing your chin a little bit toward your chest, and slowly curl your torso toward your thighs.
  • Place your feet, tailbone and lower back directly on the mat all the time. Curl your whole body up till your upper back is off the mat. Then, hold this position quickly. As you breathe in, slowly lower your body back on to the mat.

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what your body shape is, what is truly important is how healthy you are and how comfortable you are of yourself. These exercise tips are aimed at guiding you to look your best by merely removing any body confidence and self-esteem issues you may be having.[ad#afterpost]

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Beyonce’s Workout Secrets for a Sexy Physique

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles (Wikimedia Image)

Beyonce Knowles is the epitome of a vogue goddess. She is one of the sexiest female celebrities of all time who has a gorgeous body that goes with a phenomenal voice.  She is a recording artist (who started getting famous for her song “Independent Women”), actress and fashion designer.  She has inspired a lot of youth with her success story.  One of the most amazing traits of Beyonce is her untiring drive to succeed with everything she puts her mind to.  All throughout her career, she has kept her curvy figure and she has inspired women like you that you do not need to be super skinny to be sexy.  And so, people are wondering what her secret is to maintaining her voluptuous figure.

Beyonce’s General Rule of Thumb

Use a diet plan that complements your exercise program.   All of your hard work will only go to waste if you have a poor diet. Consult a dietitian for a diet menu that would suit your lifestyle while exercising.  Beyonce says, “I eat a lot of boring things like green vegetables. I do not eat red meat or bread and I do not drink alchohol – I just do not like the taste.” Well, boring things could do you a lot sometimes!  She eats a lot of vegetables every day and her overall diet consists of low-fat, low-carbohydrate and low-calorie intake.

Featuring The Lemonade Diet

She was able to lose weight rapidly when she went on the “Lemonade Diet” to quickly drop 20 pounds for her role as Deena in Dreamgirls.  The lemonade diet, also labeled to as the Master Cleanser, helps ward off the toxins in the body.  You prepare the drink with lemons, purified water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  This diet is actually more like a fast one because it does not let you crave for any actual food and is only followed for about 10 days only. You drink the lemonade during daytime and drink laxative tea at night.  It’s known to be very effective to lose weight but only temporarily.
Beyonce’s Insights Into How She Keeps her Sexy Physique

Workout five days per week, change routine regularly.
-Starts off with a bowl of cereal, waiting about 30 minutes to let it digest and then doing a cardio for 30 minutes followed by a  45 minute  of dumbbell workout to keep her body toned, and Beyonce changes her exercise plan from time to time because it helps her not to get bored with the routine.

Do yoga.
– Yoga not only tones her legs and thighs but helps Beyonce relax and meditate, letting her mind rest.

Dancing makes it a whole lot better.
– Dancing is the best exercise, as per Beyonce.  Dancing gives the actress the opportunity to have fun while her body burns calories.

Beyonce’s workout secrets are just like other Hollywood workout secrets.  Eating low-fat, low-calorie and low-carbo diet can give you the best results faster. By eating at most six meals a day, you can fasten your metabolism which would aid you to replace your belly fat with well-toned muscles. Voila!  And just with constant exercise, you can always achieve your goal. What your mind and heart can conceive, your body can surely achieve, just like Beyonce Knowles.[ad#afterpost]

How Healthy Can Kimchi Be?

Have you been wondering what kimchi is? Kimchi is a spicy fermented cabbage and a tasty complement to Korean dishes. Commonly contained in jars, it has a conspicuous aroma and a sour-spicy taste.  Oh well, it may seem to have this pungent smell but do not let that push you back. Why? You got to read on to find out the answers…

Where It Is Made From?

Kimchi is made from the combination of garlic, scallions, vegetables, vinegar, oil and salt. All these make it an au naturel condiment. While Koreans do consume small amounts of protein especially meat and seafood, nonetheless, their intake of fermented Kimchi is what makes their diet so out of the ordinary. There is very little fat found in Korean dishes, because the meat does not dominate the meal at all.

What We Get Out Of Eating Kim Chi?

Scientists conducted a number of studies that show how this Korean food can increase metabolism and prevent obesity and possess numerous health benefits. Therefore, what the Koreans claim about this food to contain many therapeutic elements has just been justified. Conversely, we are now at the focal point of this article, the reasons why you should not underrate kimchi are because:

    • Garlic, garlic and garlic! The garlic we find in kimchi is a powerful antioxidants that purge your body from free radicals that cause harmful diseases like cancer.  When garlic is crushed, two enzymes work in a tandem to produce the powerful substance called allicin. Allicin is responsible for bringing down cholesterol and triglyceride levels. With kimchi having massive amounts of fresh garlic, eating this certainly helps you reduce your bad cholesterol level. The scallions included in kimchi have the same effect on cholesterol levels as well. Furthermore, garlic is the best known natural source of selenium, a key ingredient that helps our skin and hair healthy. On top of that, it restores Vitamin C, the body’s most important antioxidant. The blend of garlic and vegetables in kimchi keeps us healthy and energetic.
  • The cabbage in kimchi is popularly hailed for curing ulcers, since it helps in nurturing the beneficial bacteria and inhibit the bad ones. Good bacteria are needed for proper digestion and healthy digestive system.
  • Studies have shown that kimchi can shorten the duration of a cold. Moreover, there have been subsequent studies that show how kimchi can be helpful in clearing up yeast infections and urinary tract infections. By incorporating kimchi in your diet, you surely get both a protective and healing effects all in the same package. What a solace!

Pairing kimchi as a side dish with meat, eating it with rice or stewing it could never be even better. There are many recipes sold in many places to make your own kimchi. You can also choose to just pick it up in the chilled section of your grocery store or Asian markets; that is how they call it convenience food.  So do not forget to include kimchi in your next meal; you might just love it![ad#afterpost]

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